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Liability Waiver for Students Involved in Physician Childcare

Participation in the BC COVID-19 Medical Response Team Volunteer Program involves the risk of spread of illness between volunteers, healthcare workers and persons they live with. The Volunteer Agreement, Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Assumption of Risks Agreement (“Volunteer Agreement”) governs the relationship between the volunteer and healthcare worker. The Volunteer Agreement may be viewed through the following link. Please read it carefully.

Download User Agreement

Volunteers are required to print two copies of the Volunteer Agreement (preferably in colour). One copy should be signed by both the volunteer and paired healthcare worker at the first point of contact. The second copy should be left with the healthcare worker for future reference. At the earliest opportunity, the signed copy must be scanned by the volunteer and emailed to their Volunteer Coordinator for filing. The original of the document should either be mailed to the Volunteer Coordinator or maintained under file by the volunteer.

Thank you to Robert Kennedy and Carol Metzner from Farris LLP and Doctors of BC for their help with this document.

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